Best proggame for back ups

  zinc3 08:46 24 Apr 2004

Hi have a new hard drive want to back old drive to new drive which is the best programme for back ups of a hard drive used nortons ghost to clone hard drive but new drive dive gives system failure messeage are there any free alteratives
(xp sys)ghost restores images fine and i have xp with service pack 1 back up and office save a lot of time if (ghost image) reatored to old drive and cloned to new dive and yes ghost wont restore image to new drive same results sys failure (old drive was disconected and new drive set as slave)
tanx in advance

  exodus 09:15 24 Apr 2004

Many manufacturers of hdd's will supply a utiliity programme which will allow you to copy from the old drive to the new one, includings the o/s. Maxtor supply maxblast3 for instance. Check the web site of the hdd manufacturer to see if one is available.
You could also use a free programme such as xxcopy. A Google search will find a download site.
As you new drive is showing system failure, I assume you have partitioned and formatted the drive. Is it recognised in POST?

  zinc3 10:24 24 Apr 2004

tanx exodus have already downloaded maxblast 3 havent used it yet just getting new drivers and progs ready didnt now it cloned. drive is already operating as slave seems to work fine reason for all this is new drive is 160 gig 7200- 8 meg buffer mator and old drive is maxtor 120 7200 2 meg want to swap order as 160 gig 8 meg cache should run quicker and make 120 gig 2 meg cache slave sys failure might be nortons locking back up to 120 maxtor drive as ive tried restoring a back up of it to new drive same results sys failure dos screen.any idea how to get ghost to get round it looks like i`ll have to restore image to old drive and if maxblast 3 works copy sys to new drive then use ghost again
to make back up but will look for xxcopy as fed up with software locking it self to drive any futher help ?
tanx in advance zinc

  zinc3 14:38 24 Apr 2004

have tried cloning old hard drive(maxtor 120 gig 2 meg cache) to new drive (maxtor 160 gig 8 meg cache)
with nortons ghost 2003 and maxtor software(maxblast3)after clone done reset and then both report sys error hd don`t boot
so i think software is working as i had blamed ghost.
is xp stopping the boot process? i thought if it was xp it would have booted and then warned of changes.
bios finds new drive as master all data is on new drive but won`t boot old drive was disconected at time of boot

  exodus 16:45 24 Apr 2004

I am not familiar with Norton Ghost. How are you running the programme, from a floppy?
Maxblast3 will clone your drive. More information click here
You have to boot up from Maxblast3 having installed it onto a floppy. Just follow the instructions closely. It has been a while since I used the utility but I think it will format the new hdd as well. I can't see XP stopping the process as it is not running during cloning. As the drive will not boot up, there must be a corruption in transferring the system files. I would reformat and start over. exo

  zinc3 17:14 24 Apr 2004

ok forget nortons used maxblast3 no joy (from flopy) all data dose get cloned but wont boot set it back to slave xp is on hard drive so its worked as far as maxblast concerned is it xp the problem

  zinc3 17:20 24 Apr 2004

don`t think data corrupt as similar thing happened when i used a back up to restore to a second computer identical specs sys boot fail
yet same back restores perfect to drive it came from probably have to start again but solving this problem would help.only added info dual boot with mill first xp second as both are backed up seperatly ie mill with boot menu then another back up with xp on its own

  exodus 22:51 24 Apr 2004

If you have partitioned and formatted the new hdd, then I can't explain why maxblast3 is not copying it correctly. I can only suggest you follow the maxblast tutorial from the Maxtor site. I believe one of the drives must be a Maxtor for the utility to work correctly.

  zinc3 12:08 01 May 2004

basicly dual boot sys to blame puuting xp back on with out mill caused problems need mill on drive as back up of xp must put some boot records i think

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