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  BIGXXH 16:39 27 Jul 2013

Hi All.

Could somebody tell me what is the best processor the (AMD) (INTEL PENTIUM) (OR THE INTEL CELERON) out of those three which would be the best quality.

                  Thanks in Advance

  Ian in Northampton 16:58 27 Jul 2013

Typically (IMHO) most people would tell you that Intel is mostly the better - and more expensive - option. AMD has mostly occupied a 'value' niche, offering somewhat less at a lower price. But, when it comes to different Intel processors, you might as well ask if a Ford Ka is better than a Ford Mondeo. It largely depends what you want it for. Typically, I believe, the Celeron has less cache, a lower clock speed and a lower bus speed, all of which means it offers less performance - but those attributes mean that it tends to consume less power and generate less heat, making it perhaps a better option for e.g. laptops.

So: why do you ask?

  BIGXXH 17:14 27 Jul 2013

Hi Ian

I was thinking of buy a laptop but do not know what the best processor was as you can imagine i am not very good with computers and all their different specs that was the only reason (thanks for your time)

  Ian in Northampton 19:34 27 Jul 2013

If you end up preferring Intel over AMD, this may help. Note, though, that generally, laptops based on AMD processors are less expensive.

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