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  puma0377 17:03 23 May 2005

Had an Epson c82, replaced under guaranttee by epson by c84 shoulda guessed that i would have more problems. having problems installing driver, now it wont work (first spool service error, now rpc server error)so have decided to buy new printer, which is best hp or cannon? will buy dedicated photo printer so looking at mulitfunction machine for around £150. Any suggestions?

  wednesday 13 17:16 23 May 2005
  Curio 18:28 23 May 2005
  jack 19:25 23 May 2005

Well you have ruled out Epson - for you

But your comment is about multifunction/photo is the last time I looked contradictory

A multifunction scanner/printer is just that an avarage machine doing average work.
A didicated photo printer will be superb at photos and a bit avarage on text work

You then Mentioned HP or Canon
IMHO HP is always a bit quirky for photowork because of its Upside down paper feed pach which can lead to surface damage. Thats my opinion
But if you arfer now a dedicated Photo or a MFD
rule Epson back in In this area they really in the tops - R200/300 photo X55/600 MFD

  Ancient Learner 19:55 23 May 2005

Due to advice here, I ordered a R200 from Amazon on Saturday, received it on Wednesday, and all I can say is that I am amazed at its speed, silence and quality. For around £70 it's good value for money.

  Border Collie 19:59 23 May 2005

Epson installation of driver has to be followed exactly puma0377, as jack says, the Epsons are great machines.

Go into Control Panel - Printers and Faxes, right click on the printer icon and delete. (If you have more than one, delete each of them.

Uninstall any Epson programs which were installed with the driver.

Download, install and run CCleaner click here to get rid of any rubbish left behind.

Switch off your computer and disconnect the printer from the tower.

Now re-boot, insert the Epson installation disk and follow instructions, wait until you are told to connect and start the printer.

  puma0377 20:24 23 May 2005

Thanks for the info. I did uninstall then reinstall about 3 times, but will try again using ccleaner.
was going for a multifunction plus a separate photo printer. perhaps i've just been unlucky with the epson i chose.

  pj123 20:36 23 May 2005

I agree with Ancient Learner. I also have an Epson R200 and an Epson 895. Both brilliant.

To install an Epson printer you must install the software first. Do not connect the printer or switch it on. The installation software will prompt you when to connect the printer and switch it on.
Just follow the instructions.

  puma0377 23:24 27 May 2005

Thanks for that. eventually got it working. restored my faith in epson.

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