Best printer for printing large area of flat colou

  Bev O'Connor 14:09 30 Sep 2018

Hi, I am hoping someone could help with some printer advice! I'm looking for a printer that can print on thick card and prints large area of flat colour without banding. Any advice welcome. Many thanks.

  Taff™ 15:04 30 Sep 2018

Define "Large Area" please. This likely to be a regular requirement? Tell us more about it!

  Bev O'Connor 15:10 30 Sep 2018

I won't be doing large quantities at a time. I do a lot of wedding stationery, greeting cards, invites etc so am looking for a printer that can print on up to 350gsm. The flat colour issue is my current printer results in banding on any area of flat colour. For example if I was to print a 5cm red circle I'd like just a flat colour, no stripes! I'm not sure if that it's because its an inkjet or just because its cheap. Hope that makes what I'm after a little clearer?

  Taff™ 09:47 01 Oct 2018

Understood. Banding is caused by the Printer Head becoming clogged and usually with cheaper compatible cartridges. I use compatibles myself but quality ones such as the branded Jettec.

Head cleaning can usually be done via the printer mainteance although in extreme cases I use Isopropanol (Rubbing Alcohol) and remove the head if possible to soak in a saucer.

Personally, I reccommend Canon Printers now for build and reliability but choose a model for which you can get compatibles - not the new one's just coming out now for Christmas! (No compatibles for them yet so pick up a bargain older model they are selling off!)

  Bev O'Connor 09:54 01 Oct 2018

Thanks Taff! I'll give that a go before I go and purchase a new one then.

  Taff™ 10:35 01 Oct 2018

What make is your current printer Bev?

  martd7 17:01 01 Oct 2018

350gsm is quite heavy stock you will have to have a good look round to see which printer will take this weight

  Taff™ 17:52 01 Oct 2018

Fair point! My 12 year old Canon handles it because it has a Top Loding option which pulls through 90 degrees to the print head. If I load that weight into the cassette at bottom it goes through 180 degrees and a glossy won't do that but matte will, just!

  martd7 18:05 01 Oct 2018

Could do with a single sheet fed printer,i think there was a post about this sometime ago

  Taff™ 18:32 01 Oct 2018

That's what I was referring to. I don't load more than one sheet in the top vertical feeder.

  Bev O'Connor 20:55 01 Oct 2018

I have an HP Envy 4524. I've had it quite a while but not used it too much. I've always outsourced my printing but looking to do more from home. I'll do some research into which printers can handle thicker stock, unless anyone has any experience with this. Thank you so much for the help all, appreciated.

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