Best prebuild for my budget and specs...

  faroe 21:04 08 Jul 2009

preferably a creditable site as I obviously don't want to spend a load of money on nothing.
I will spent up to £750 (obviously the less I spend the better) and I want it to be able to play the best games well for a few years.

So, I'll want a good processor (quad core preferably), an absolute beast of a graphics card and preferably quite a big HDD. If you need anymore information, just ask and I'll get back to you.

  Zaggerman 21:19 08 Jul 2009

Hi faroe

Is this just a Base Unit? What OS if any? AMD or Intel processor?

  faroe 21:27 08 Jul 2009

OS: probably Vista Home Premium 32 bit
AMD or Intel processor: no idea about them to be honest, just something that could probably cope with what I wish to do
Also by Base Unit, do you mean would I like a monitor or anything with it?

As you can tell I'm a big newbie with this, so sorry if I'm being a bit awkward. :P

  faroe 14:58 09 Jul 2009

Sorry if this isn't allowed on this forum, I'm new. :P

  T I M B O 15:04 09 Jul 2009

If you want a pc to stay up to date, why not put the up to date Processor in there, Quad core has been now updated to I7 >> click here

  T I M B O 15:09 09 Jul 2009

Hard drives are getting cheaper by the day, the cheapest at this moment i think it the Samsung 1 TB >>> click here
For a 32 Meg cache it's a snip, Hitachi is double the price. It works excellently, i have one as my C: drive ;-))

  faroe 15:10 09 Jul 2009

I have no idea about processor, I'm just looking for a pc that can run games well and easily.

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