best place for swap file when i have two HDDs?

  belt_and_braces 17:35 30 Dec 2005

m/b NF7S; XP3200; 1GB [two units] DDR400 ram operating as Dual ddr 800mhz; two [C: F:] ata133 40Gig maxtor 7200rpm HDDs; xp home SP2 all updates applied; 1536mb swap file:

both HDD on same IDE, master/slave: so any advice as to where the swap file should go? i thought i read somewhere that the system will be ever-so-slightly-faster if the swap file is on a different disk than the main disk C: drive. all my stuff is on the C: drive.
F: drive is backup bootable image of C: using maxtor drive utility but can still have swap file on it if i want;
also norton ghost backups up C: to F: every hour;
also C: runs GoBack.

[this is why i call myself belt_and_braces lol]

  belt_and_braces 17:50 30 Dec 2005


  AndySD 17:53 30 Dec 2005

Put it on the F Drive, but it does mean Windows wil not make a dmp file if it closes down improperly (still unless you are an MS employee this will make no sense anyway).

  interzone55 17:58 30 Dec 2005

Do you really need to backup every hour?

From experience, giving the swap file it's own partition is generally best practice. I set it to 1.5 times RAM and fix it, this saves time by negating the need for windows to stretch or shrink the swap file. It also solves the problem of the swap file messing up defrags.

If you backup every hour, then the IDE channel will be clogged during the backups, so it matters not where you put your swap file.

Why don't you just have nightly backups, that's enough for most users, even companies don't carry out backups more often than this, otherwise the network would get jammed once an hour.

  SANTOS7 18:00 30 Dec 2005

Not quite sure why you need to backup every hour,
bit on the over cautious side methinks, a recomendation to speed your pc up, if you think it is running slow would be to reduce your backups to once a day and get rid of Norton GoBack which in my opinion is a huge resource hugger.
As for swap file there are yea's and nay's as to where it should be and how much mb you set for it,
mine is actually on another HDD and both values are set the same but wether you actually notice the diference in performance, probably not...

  belt_and_braces 18:28 30 Dec 2005

thanks for the feedback on the swap file.

dont worry about the backups; they are incremental only after 5 am and take only 2 minutes with no noticeable performance effect - tea time.

my system runs fine with no effect from goback either;

i just wanted people's learned opinion about the swap file location - thanks to everyone. i'll try it on the other drive.

OH company systems have real time backups - called journal logs, duplicated and can be remote from main building too; logs every change immediately. so after a real problem [brunsfield if during the week] a part-days work can be recreated by loading the previous nights backup and applying the journal changes. [CICS, DB2, IMS/DBDC, MS server, etc....]


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