Best place to buy ink cartridges

  rimp 19:41 09 Aug 2008

Could you please advise me where to find the best (& cheapest) place to buy Hp ink cartridges as my printer has six cartridges and they annoyingly seem to run dry at different times. Thank you

  woodchip 19:43 09 Aug 2008


  rimp 19:59 09 Aug 2008

Hp photosmart 8250, and I also need some for my other printer Hp photosmart C4280. That's why I need to get the price down. Thanks woodchip

  Smiler 20:08 09 Aug 2008
  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:17 09 Aug 2008

Do yourself a huge favour and buy one of these CISS here you will save loads on ink.....guaranteed.


  rimp 23:15 09 Aug 2008

Thanks Gandalf, being a novice is the system easy to setup and use ?

  jaraba 01:22 10 Aug 2008

Try these
click here

  Dragon_Heart 01:41 10 Aug 2008

You may have to drill some holes in your printer casing but it's easy to set up / use and as said very cost effective.

If you still want a cartridge based system try

247 ink click here

or Internet Ink click here Using 'giveme10' will get you 10% off your order

  rimp 19:07 12 Aug 2008

Thank you all, I have returned the 4280 as the carriage was jamming, and I have found the was the cheapest for the 8250 even allowing for postage, so I ordered another couple of things which makes the purchase worth paying the postage.

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