best picture recovery program windows 10

  conrail 10:53 13 Nov 2018

running windows 10 home with recova and ashampoo photo recovery, I have a number of DVD+R discs with family photos earliest starting pre 1995, when loading disc it shows empty so photos appear to have disappeared, above programs can't find anything, I can drag and drop files to the disc, haven't tried burning them as I want to see if I can find and recover these photos, can anybody suggest a program to do this, all help and advice appreciated

  Forum Editor 17:38 13 Nov 2018

Did you use rewritable discs?

Re-writeable CDs or DVDs are never the best choice for archiving data. Files written to them in batches at different intervals can often become unreadable over time when software versions get updated, or the files are unreadable on a different computer to the one on which they were written. It's always better to fill a DVD in one write session and leave it alone.

There are recovery tools, but a degree of trial and error may be required. Try this one for starters.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 13 Nov 2018

. If its a +R then they are one time recordable the rewritables were + or - RW. Do not write anything to the disk as you may overwrite the photos if it was a RW the finalised R disk will not let you write to them again.

A good clean of the disk and of the DVD drive lens might help.

Do any DVDs work in your machine?

  Laim Neeson 18:26 13 Nov 2018

Sounds like Disk Rot.

  conrail 19:14 13 Nov 2018

thans FE, the discs are once write DVD+R, thanks fruit bat, I today have reinstalled a program I had on CD, I also put in a music CD with no problems, the drive is an external lightscribe drive, my laptop does not have an optical drive, I will try cleaning the drive and discs, when I tried to put a couple of programs on the disc, I was not going to write onto it, I also tried to put the same programs on a music disc and they went on so it appears they will just sit there until I put a writable disc in the drive, I have removed them to make sure I don't try to write them to disc thank you Liam, that is an interesting article

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