The best personal firewall

  Fateful Shadow 12:23 09 Nov 2003

I'm looking for a good free firewall, and I need some advice from people who use these firewalls:

- Kerio Personal Firewall

- Agnitum Personal Firewall

- Tiny Personal Firewall

- Sygate Personal Firewall, and

- Zonealarm Free Version

Out of the 5 above, what would you say is the best firewall for a home user? Bear in mind that I like fast startups, so I would prefer one that starts up pretty tout suite!

Thanks :)

  TheTerminator 12:28 09 Nov 2003

It seems to do the job beautifully...
I tried zone alarm - full of silly graphics and unwanted info screens and tiny firewall - no real problems, i just prefer sygate for what my opinions are worth.

  critic-al 12:29 09 Nov 2003

sysgate for me also,so uncomplicated.

  critic-al 12:31 09 Nov 2003

sysgate??? SYGATE

  Fateful Shadow 12:34 09 Nov 2003

Sounds like a sygate all-rounder!

I'll wait for a while though, see what anyone else wants to say about these firewalls.

Thanks for the advice TheTerminator and critic-al :)

  obbit 12:35 09 Nov 2003

i have only used zonealarm. i find it very easy to use and causes me no trouble.

it is updated regulary and it is free.

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:39 09 Nov 2003

They all d the same job and are as good as each other. I don't use a firewall but many of my friends use Agnitum. It works quietly in the background and uses a minimal amount of resources. however I would just choose anyone, there is litle point in worrying about it.

  bof:) 12:54 09 Nov 2003

Agnitums Outpost works well for me. I first used Zone Alarm and upgraded to Zone Alarm Pro which prevented me from accessing any of my emails. I emailed zone labs for help several times without success.

I could get my emails if I unistalled Zone Alarm Pro. I posted this problem on this site and eventually opted for Agnitums Outpost which has worked well ever since.


  porci 12:57 09 Nov 2003

Sygate or Zone Alarm work just fine for me. Tried Norton and it sucked big time......all my resources I mean

  Fateful Shadow 13:00 09 Nov 2003

Does anybody use Blackice? My friend says it's supposed to be up there with Zone Alarm.

Thanks for the advice all :)

  hugh-265156 13:20 09 Nov 2003

outpost for me too.

they are all good though.

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