Best PCI slot graphics card for Dell Dimension

  Elkopop 18:00 16 Jun 2010

Friend has an old Dell have maxed ram memory to 2gb any ideas of best cheapish PCI slot card to make as good an improvement as possible given the rest of the gear is the basic original spec. thanks

  MAT ALAN 20:13 16 Jun 2010

Visual or gaming, the latter you may need to up the PSU, an idea of how much ya want to spend would help...

  Elkopop 22:02 16 Jun 2010

he is on a tight budget so keeping the original psu and maybe spend up to 40pnds on a card that may give him some game options to play as currently only has onboard graphics so am thinking even a modest card by todays standards will still be a big improvement for him.

  MAT ALAN 22:33 16 Jun 2010

click here

useing the benchmarks here ref. to power consumption there are some nice cards it's just finding one...

  MAT ALAN 23:37 16 Jun 2010

click here

found this, good honest little card, used to have one, it served me well in an XP machine.

  Strawballs 01:28 17 Jun 2010

Is it PCI you are looking for as that is very old or as been offered by MAT ALAN an AGP card, the last machine that I had that was PCI (not to be confused with PCIe) was bought around 2000

  Strawballs 01:32 17 Jun 2010

click here I managed to find this one. It says PCI and not PCIe

  Elkopop 07:06 17 Jun 2010

thanks, it is definately pci and only has that type of slot not agp, so bit restricted 6200 looks good sb.

  MAT ALAN 07:54 17 Jun 2010

OOOPS me idiot, sorry elkopop the 6200 is not a resource hungry card so you should be ok.
Don't know why i searched for AGP when you clearly state PCI, hope ya get sorted.
I been here far to long lately, me eds a shed...

  michaelw 08:47 17 Jun 2010

Good luck in your endeavours but my son went through all this with his Dimension but found the mobo doesn't support a card much over and beyond the onboard graphics.

  Strawballs 22:53 17 Jun 2010

As long as it's a PCI card it should work and will ease some of the burden off the RAM

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