Best PCI graphics card

  byfordr 23:19 21 Apr 2004

After a pci graphics card (with dvi) not much choice :-(

Seems to be a choice between 9200 (se) and the FX 5200. Looking to spend upto about £60. Although might consider spending a bit much for something tasty!


  User-312386 23:28 21 Apr 2004

Does your mobo not have an AGP port slot?

  byfordr 23:32 21 Apr 2004

nope, hence pci... :-(

Other no messing straight in with a radion pro.

  byfordr 11:17 22 Apr 2004


Any one?

  Totally-braindead 12:54 22 Apr 2004

Theres not much choice for PCI I'm afraid have a look at
click here

  Totally-braindead 12:58 22 Apr 2004

click here
click here
click here
It may be an idea to consider a new motherboard if these don't meet your requirements.

  byfordr 15:05 22 Apr 2004

Same old suspects :-( oh for the new pci ;-)
Not an option to change motherboard, bloody dell!

Figure on the 9200se for £40 or is the Nvdia that much better? (Assuming it hasn't borrowed the fans from concorde!)


  siliconbits 15:14 22 Apr 2004

I would strongly advise you to buy the Radeon AIW VE. Not only performance is on par with a GF MX4 or a radeon 9200 but it has a tuner and loads of feature. Guess that you can get much worse for 50 quid.

  byfordr 15:51 22 Apr 2004

That was £100, unless you know where I can get it for less?


  byfordr 22:43 22 Apr 2004

Oh well think I'll go with a ATI 9200...oh for AGP :-(

Cheers for all the responses...


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