Best Pay as You Go Internet?

  Seadog 00:27 01 Jul 2004

One of my neighbours took to computing a few years ago and (now in his mid seventies) has decided that he would like to go online to "try the internet" via a pay as you go ISP, he has a standard BT phone line. Can anyone recommend an ISP and their charges, his usage will be mostly after six and at weekends (as the advert used to say) but he will use it during the day as well occasionally. Also, one tat just adds the cost to his phone bill rather than a seperate bill each month would be preferable.

  jimv7 08:29 01 Jul 2004

click here costs a local rate phonecall.

  spuds 12:23 01 Jul 2004

You could check out some of the ISP's via click here I found the Tiscali ADSL [3x]£15.99 per month service a reasonable change from a 56k dial-up for about the same price.Only problem is the 12 month contract, which can be a problem at times.Other ISP's may offer a no tied contract, which may be a better option.

  ricvic 12:53 01 Jul 2004

click here 1.5p per min.

  TBH1 15:04 01 Jul 2004

I think all pay-as-you-go services are the same ie they are free but you pay for your line useage.He could try them all then maybe plumb for the £4.99 off-peak jobbie of the one he likes the most.

  carper 15:32 01 Jul 2004

If he is in his seventies like me, I find that Tesco daytime at 5.99 a months for any length of time on line from 2 a.m to 4 pm is good value

  GaT7 16:16 01 Jul 2004

1. Onetel: click here (several options to choose from).
2. Wanadoo - click here (PAYG is 1p a minute. See other packages too).
3. Plusnet: click here (several options to choose from - see right column). For Plusnet PAYG: click here.
4. UKOnline: click here - 6.99/month (150hrs/month - offer is for the first 2 months only).

1. PAYG isn't very economical & just 20mins a day @ 1p works out to £6.00 for the month!!
2. Also, one can cancel (or downgrade) unmetered packages after a month's use (or multiples thereof), & isn't bound to the contract for a year like most B'band packages. HTH, G

  Seadog 18:32 01 Jul 2004

Thanks very much all, I've got plenty to let him try now. Glad I've got Broadband!

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