Best Paid For Real Time Antispyware

  dogbreath1 08:30 13 Apr 2006

Having now ditched Windows Defender from four PC's (different problems on each - conclusion, the current version is poo), I'm looking for a good alternative which I suspect will not be free. A lifetime subscription would be attractive (Ewido have stopped doing this!) but I'm open to suggestions.

  mgmcc 09:17 13 Apr 2006

I have found SpywareBlaster to be very effective at prevention. Subsequent scans with Ad-Aware SE rarely find anything that has got through SpywareBlaster.

SpywareBlaster is free from - click here

  dogbreath1 09:31 13 Apr 2006

Thanks for that. As it happens, I already use both...but neither run in real time and both rely on signatures and addresses. Ideally, I'm looking for a real time scanner which utilises both signatures and heuristics.

  johnnyrocker 09:37 13 Apr 2006

afaik spyware blaster runs in the background.


  CurlyWhirly 09:45 13 Apr 2006

I don't think that Spyware Blaster runs in the background at least not according to this article

click here

  johnnyrocker 09:49 13 Apr 2006

interesting read but it does not actually say it does not run in background it only says the implication is that it is not needed to run in background.


  Belatucadrus 09:58 13 Apr 2006

Spywareblaster sets "killbits" that block the spyware from installing in the first place. Once the killbit is in place spywareblaster doesn't need to do anything and doesn't run at all until you update and set any new bits. So effective protection and no system load.
As to best commercial licenced product, according to PCPro that's Spyware Doctor click here
If you want to try another freebie with realtime protection check out Spycatcher Express click here

  dogbreath1 10:03 13 Apr 2006

Many thanks for that. You are quite correct regarding the modus operandi of SpywareBlaster. It doesn't run in the background.

Spycatcher Express is new to me and the freebie status is I'll give it a try. Thanks again for the advice.

  Major Disaster 10:35 13 Apr 2006

Counterspy always seems to come out on top in spyware tests. Im running a trial of it now and like it. click here

  dogbreath1 18:13 13 Apr 2006

I might well have a dabble with Counterspy. Thanks for the advice. db.

  phono 18:16 13 Apr 2006

Counterspy gets my vote as well.

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