Best make of ATI 9800 PRO ???

  Tweaks 12:44 08 Sep 2003

well im getting very close to upgrade time and after trawling the web and comp fairs i have decided the gfx card i want to get is the ATI 9800 Pro 128mb. i got offered a Gigabyte GFX card for 289-00 new. Is it worth it? its the best price i have found but are they any good?

oh if it matters my system spec is:
mobo MSI 865 PE Neo2
P4 2.8 - 800Mhz FSB
512mb RAM 400 Mhz
blah blah blah

cheers Tweaks

  Tweaks 13:16 08 Sep 2003

or any other comments you have regards the above would be appreciated

  Jester2K II 13:18 08 Sep 2003

Which one?

  Tweaks 13:19 08 Sep 2003

the ATI 9800 128mb Pro

  Rayuk 13:20 08 Sep 2003

One mag review came out with Connect3D9800Pro as best,due to the fact you could overclock it easily
click here
£287.xp + p&p

  Tweaks 13:26 08 Sep 2003

cheers for that. although im not a huge over- clocker. my problem is i dont know enough and def dont want to burn out a +-300 quid GFX card cus im nosey - if u know what i mean.

  The Sack 13:29 08 Sep 2003

Dont spend 300 quid :)

click here

  Tweaks 13:29 08 Sep 2003

the card i was offered was a "powercolor" card i think. u heard anything about them?

  Tweaks 13:32 08 Sep 2003

the sack: thats not the 9800 pro though its a plain 9800. (slower chip set)

  Tweaks 13:35 08 Sep 2003

although i just read that review posted in ebuyer and that kinda makes sence. this is gr8 this i exactly what i hoped for on posting this message. 70 quid in my pocket. ! nice

  The Sack 13:37 08 Sep 2003

Never! i go to the foot of our stairs! You want to pay an extra 70 quid for an extra 6 or 7FPS? thats going to be noticable when the card it pulling 300FPS in Quake III isnt it.

The chip set is identical, it is just clocked lower, there is no difference apart from it is clocked lower.

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