Best Lightweight Travel Laptop Advice Please?

  tburchell 00:06 27 Dec 2016

I will be doing some travelling next year and would like to take with me a very lightweight laptop. Could anyone advise the best one to look at? I just need it to update my website and basic stuff like that. The main things are a full qwerty keyboard and mouse, put very slim and lightweight. Any help would be much appreciated. Tim.

  Forum Editor 14:33 27 Dec 2016

Without a shadow of a doubt, if it suits your budget I would recommend this machine.

Light as a feather, and with a stunning performance and display it has been getting some seriously good reviews.

  tburchell 14:52 27 Dec 2016

Thank you very much, that's too rich a price for me. I just need a good cheap lightweight PC, however very many thanks for your help so far!! Tim.

  Forum Editor 15:49 27 Dec 2016

"I just need a good cheap lightweight PC,"

The thing is, the words 'lightweight' and 'cheap' tend to be mutually exclusive where laptops are concerned - building a thin machine is more difficult, and more expensive.

Anything that's any good in this category (which is called ultra-portables) is not really going to cost less than around £600. Here's a case in point. A decent machine, but it will cost more than something that does the same job but is heavier and thicker.

  _H04X_ 22:50 27 Dec 2016

In terms of laptops needed for basic tasks, I have an HP Stream 11, i use it daily for basic tasks when my main PC is not needed (web browsing, banking, typing etc)

  Govan1x 10:08 28 Dec 2016

there is this 2-1 from dell at £399 which maybe ok. Drawback there is no CD drive with it. Probably right size right weight and right price.


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