Best laptop for productivity and minor gaming?

  JJsgg 07:38 16 Apr 2017

Hello all! I'm needing to get a laptop for school/work very soon and was hoping to get some of your suggestions to help me make my decision. I haven't looked into new PC and laptop hardware in ages and im just now discovering "2 in 1s" and some of the more recent technology. As I've shortly begun researching different products and brands, I came across lenovo's thinkpads/ideapads and whateverpads, which seem like possible options. The laptop will mainly be used in class and as a workstation. What are some possible laptop and hardware options that will increase productivity and performance issues when dealing with multiple large applications and processes? Having a decent GPU is always a bonus, but it is not priority number 1. My budget is around 1200-1500$. Thank you for your time and any suggestions are welcome!

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