Best Image Editing Software

  FOEYDO 13:25 11 Jun 2011

Hi, what is the best image editing software to edit images for on my website. Thanks

  adam32 17:11 19 Jun 2011

Bit of a lack of context! Although I see from other threads that you use Dreamweaver, so Adobe products and price-points are probably not completely unfamiliar to you.

Proper in-depth graphics work first: Illustrator (excellent but very expensive) or Draw (cheaper; almost as good).

Cheap/free options for graphics: Inkscape (open source, but probably not as capable and it's a bit harder to learn) or Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 6 (overlooked but quite effective, well featured, and it's good value).

Serious photo editing: Photoshop (obviously)

Mid-range photo editing: PSP (yes, some minor functions could use an overhaul now, but it's mostly very effective, it's very cheap, and it's better specified than Elements) or GIMP (free, pretty effective though a bit quirky, and the manual is quite good which is unusual for open-source software)

Each of the last three can be used up to a point (to varying degrees) for some graphics work, though it can be harder to achieve what you want, depending on what you are trying to do. Photoshop is the best 'single-app-multi-task' choice of the three.

I use Illustrator, because that's how I make a living, and PSP for photo editing (which suits me just fine for the little that DxO Optics can't do). I'm not too keen on Inkscape, but it has potential. The Xara option is pretty neat for the price. All of the above is just one guy's opinion based on experience.

  adumapul 08:43 10 Jan 2012

I think,Photoshop is the best image editing software.

  fileppoa 03:44 22 Jan 2012

Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro, Photo Explosion is best image editing software.

  fileppoa 07:00 12 Feb 2012

You can use Photoscape Image Editing Software.

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