best hard drive setup?

  Mysticnas 11:55 26 Feb 2003

Ok, i have a two hard drives. one is a 120Gb and the other 40Gb. both 7200rpm.

i run Windows XPpro, have 1Gb of DDR ram.

i use applications for work such as Adobe Photoshop7, Adobe Premiere6.5, Discreet 3DsMax5.1, Macromedia MX series of products etc...

now i've heard that installing the os and software applications on one drive and using the other as a scratch/storage disk would give me better performance.

I assume that the sofware and OS would be installed on the master drive and the slave being the storage drive.

i'm not exactly sure which way to set it up, should i have the 40Gb as master and 120Gb as slave?

if anyone knows anyting about this kind of thing i'd be very greatful for your input...



  reaths 12:09 26 Feb 2003

its a personal choice depending what you do with each drive.i have the operating system and standard programs on the small drive and i keep games,music,personal programs/files stored on the large so that if i need to reformat then my information is safe also if your os crashes theres a good chance the other drives information is safe though have heard this isn't guarenteed.

  Mysticnas 12:19 26 Feb 2003

i take it in your setup then you have the large one as slave. so you just formatted it and didn't need an OS on it?

anyone else?

  DMAC 12:23 26 Feb 2003

Is there any advantage to putting your OS Swap File on the non-OS drive to allow faster OS access to the Swap file. (not that it shoud be particularly active with 1GB of DDR!)

  Mysticnas 12:33 26 Feb 2003

interesting DMAC... is this possible?

you'll be suprised to know, that my paging file is almost always being used... :o(
was going to get more ram. but pockets are shallow at the mo.

  reaths 13:01 26 Feb 2003

big one as slave.i had the hard drive formatted and os installed. bought new hard drive fitted it as slave,windows found it with plug'n'play and that was that no formatting necessary.

  Mysticnas 13:04 26 Feb 2003

thanks mate. will try it that way.

will let you all know. my 40Gb is due to arrive next wednesday.

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