best hard drive, cd drive config please

  broggs 19:00 25 Jan 2005

hello....I have a pc with two hard drives and one cd drive. I am going to add a cd burner.At the moment the cd drive is the slave on the primary hard drive and the 2nd hard drive is set as master on the secondary ide cable.Is it better or would it increase performance if both hard drives were on the same cable as master and slave?

  Jeffers22 19:03 25 Jan 2005

It would certainly improve performance if you removed the CD from the same IDE channel as the hard drive. Ideal config would be HD0 and HD1 as master and slave on IDE channel 1 and optical drive(s) on IDE2

  Chezdez 19:20 25 Jan 2005

yup, have both harddrives on one cables, and both CD drives on the other

if nothing else, it'll help keep the inside of your case a bit tidier ;)

and yes, it will improve performance

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