Best hard drive brands?

  Pineman100 11:12 04 Mar 2009

My XP desktop computer is over 5 years old. Good old XP has never been reloaded in that time, and needless to say, it's starting to groan a bit under the weight of software, accumulated crap and so on (although I do use Ccleaner regularly).

I've had no indications of HDD problems yet, but rather than waiting for my 5-yr-old hardworked Seagate IDE hard drive to fail, I've decided to buy a new drive, and put a new, clean XP installation on it. I'll then install my old drive as a slave and copy all my data across.

So - my question. What are the best brands of hard drive? And, even more importantly, are there any brands that are best avoided?

  Stuartli 19:01 04 Mar 2009

This link from the same website will/may help with the manual (and drivers) if you haven't got one.

  canarieslover 19:42 04 Mar 2009

I'd install SATA drive and XP first, then fit IDE drive once you have it all running O.K. Be aware that current SATA drives are 300mb/s but your motherboard only supports SATA 150mb/s so the drive will need to be set SATA 150mb/s to enable it to be recognised. As you have a slipstreamed install disk you should have no problem installing to SATA as sp3 will see the drive.

  Stuartli 20:17 04 Mar 2009
  Pineman100 08:58 05 Mar 2009

OK - huge thanks to everyone for all your help and advice.

I started out just seeking information about HDD brands, but I've got so much more from this thread, including the (surprise) news that I have the ability to fit a SATA drive.

Many thanks again.

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