Best guess on System32 error on bootup Please

  Diemmess 13:27 07 Dec 2004

Daughter's Win 2K Computer recently cleansed of Spyware.

Last weekend I swopped the tiny HD for a larger one and upped the RAM resulting in a dramatic increase in speed.

The tricky bit was to restore the partitions.
Did this with Ghost, with time pressing I saw that it booted and behaved, also that they could go online.

Today the complaint - An error asking for a System32 file - "please reboot" or perhaps "replace" a file or "press F8" .........It is not quite clear what is showing!

The thing will load and work after rebooting, but seems to me to be unstable and apparently disconnects from the web now and then.

I propose to get out my wheels and go visiting this afternoon. I will use Ghost again to replace drive C: but feel this either is unnecessary or may not be all that is needed.

Does anyone have an idea? Will it be possible to find a missing file and install that from the Installation disk?

  ACOLYTE 13:30 07 Dec 2004

What file is it asking for?

  Diemmess 13:36 07 Dec 2004

That's where I am hoping for an inspired guess! My daughter couldn't remember!

I will go and see for myself and when I arrive and go online I can add more detail, but am just hoping someone might save me a plodding roundabout approach to what may be a simple problem.

  ACOLYTE 13:40 07 Dec 2004

May be NTFS.sys just a guess,but i think if you are going to format select full not quick.

  Diemmess 14:06 07 Dec 2004

Cloning with Ghost is probably the way, unless I can find what is currently bugging it.

  ACOLYTE 14:14 07 Dec 2004

If it is NTFS.sys the only way to fix may be a format and fdisk.

  Diemmess 14:23 07 Dec 2004

Going sick-visiting now

  Diemmess 17:02 07 Dec 2004

Plan A was to cope with the error message........ Stopped at the F8 option, screen saying "------ because the following file is missing or corrupt <Windows 2000 root>\system32\ntoshrnl.exe Please reinstall the above file"

I managed to boot into safe mode but the system then rebooted anyway and with that loop it seemed time to surrender.

Plan B which worked, - was simply to use Ghost to copy C: from the recently disused HD to C: on the new HD. On rebooting - success.

Spywareguard has been installed after finding the cookie chasing DSO Exploit present. This was only a week after using Nellie2's expertise to clean the thing.

Plan C to reformat, mercifully wasn't needed but only because I had a recent clone as backup

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