Best Free Back Up Programme for Win 7 64 bit

  Joe G 16:37 13 Oct 2012

Hi all

I've got Macrium Reflect on my laptop and wondering whether to install it on my newish PC that I haven't backed up yet - or is there a better free programme out there nowadays or is the inbuilt Windows backup sufficient? Not needed to use Reflect to restore the laptop so no idea how good/easy it is compared to other programmes

Any advice most welcome!

  [DELETED] 21:06 13 Oct 2012

To be honest I went for Paragon Hard disk manager 12, paid for version. When it comes to working with hard drives I chickened out of the free versions as my personal data is very important to me and mine. Having said that this link should give you some info of free versions.

  Aitchbee 21:42 13 Oct 2012

Back in January, I used the in-built backup program [when prompted to do so] on my sister's new [windows7 64-bit] Acer laptop, the first time she switched it on. It was a very straight-forward procedure and required 3 blank DVDs for the backup. I also created a Repair Disk.

After downloading and installing service pack1, I repeated the above backup procedure (now containing sp1) on to another 3 DVDs.

Last week her laptop would not boot up (for whatever reason?)...fortunately, the restoration procedure was successful and I would recommend the in-built program that already comes with win7 64-bit.

ps. I use Ocster Backup Pro on my computers (all XP).

  [DELETED] 22:08 13 Oct 2012

3 DVDs. Blimey I'm lucky to use an image on an external. It gets expensive to reimage on to DVDs after a while. Then you need to store them, date them and file them where you can get them. I prefer imaging on to an usb drive or another data drive connected to the motherboard.

  Aitchbee 08:44 14 Oct 2012

rdave13 - That's exactly what I said to my sister and recommended a 320gb usb hard disk that Argos are selling just now at £40.

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