Best, free anti-virus, firewall & anti-spyware????

  Triprajul 22:11 11 Apr 2010


I just had my computer formated again. The technician/friend who did the work told me that I needed a good anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware program. I told him that I previously had AVAST! (which was recommended on this Forum and which I liked immensely) but when he checked the AVAST! website, he pointed out to me that the free version only gives anti-virus protection but no firewall or anti-spyware protection. He especially feels that the firewall is essential security. Well, does anyone know where I can download for free a program that gives excellent anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware protection? BTW, I welcome your comments on what technician/friend said. Do you agree or disagree with what he said? Thank you in advance for any advice given.

  john bunyan 22:15 11 Apr 2010

Is this a different question to the one answered in this thread of yours?
click here

  john bunyan 22:18 11 Apr 2010

For me:
Firewall : PC Tools
Anti Virus: MS Security Essentials
Anti Malware: Malawarebytes and (for 32 bit) Superantispyware.
Plus CCleaner.
All are free versions.

  Belatucadrus 22:37 11 Apr 2010

No Firewall : True but easy to fix click here
anti-spyware protection : Wrong click here avast! free doesn't lose the anti spware protection, though you can back it up with Malwarebytes if you want more.

  Triprajul 22:39 11 Apr 2010


Yes, this is a different question because before I only asked about a free anti-virus program. Howvever, now (after being prompted by my friend the technician), I am requesting info about the best free anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware program. Sorry, if I seem to be asking the same question but in actual fact, my questions are, I hope, different.

Also, can I use these progams (namely, Firewall : PC Tools, Anti Virus: MS Security Essentials, Anti Malware: Malawarebytes and (for 32 bit) Superantispyware. Plus CCleaner) at the same time or will they conflict with each other?

Finally,what does "and (for 32 bit) Superantispyware" mean? Please forgive me. I am a novice at computers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:30 11 Apr 2010

If you running Vista or windows 7 use windows firewall (built in) and MSE

If your running XP use
Firewall Zonealarm click here
Antivirus - Avast click here

MAlware - windows defender click here

Back that up with Malware bytes or superantispyware free (on demand scanners) and SpywareBlaster as a blocker click here

Don't scan more than one at once as they will interfer with each other

  john bunyan 12:17 12 Apr 2010

You want one firewall, one anti virus, and a couple of anti malwares. My suggestions were for W7, and I am sure Fruit Bat /\0/\ 's are equally ok for xp. Re 32 bit, operating systems - Windows 7 or XP come with two "bit depths" 32 and 64. 64 enables the use of more than 3 gig RAM. I find with the current free SAS there are issues with my 64 bit system. You can see what you have in "System properties" in Windows 7.If you have 32 bit, I think SAS plus Malawarebytes are a good pair of anti malware programmes.

  Patrik 13:54 26 Apr 2010

What about me,i use ProteMac NetMine.It's firewall for Mac.It's helps me a lot,for protect my Mac.

  Rahere 14:43 26 Apr 2010

Bear in mind that Windows has it's own basic firewall which will probably be fine if you connect via a router which often has it's own firewall, if that uses NAT you have a good level of protection already.

I use Comodo Firewall/Internet security suite for me: it has added protection of Defence+ active protection. Otherwise PC tools Firewall seems well rated too.

NB Zonealarm used to be good many years ago but not anymore according to Matousec tests click here

AV - Avast free or Microsoft's own

I also use SpywareBlaster and Spybot S&D Immunize to harden my browsers.

Recent hacker tests seem to indicate Google's Chrome browser may be the safest at the moment.

  orsta 19:13 26 Apr 2010

What about Comodo's Interner Security package. covers the lot and it is free.

Back it up with malwarebytes, SAS or spybot.


  Halmer 20:25 26 Apr 2010

combined is excellent. I use it on my XP and Vista machines and have yet to have an issue (fingers crossed) click here

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