Best format for DVD Recorder - R/RW or + R/RW

  amyfleur 14:08 19 Oct 2006

I want to buy a DVD recorder. But I don't know which format to purchase - R/RW or + R/RW

I recall last century when Beta-max and VHS both came onto the market, lots of people's video recorders became redundant when VHS won the day.

Does anyone know which is the most popular format for DVD recorders? Or is there a product that records / plays both types?

Thank you.

  sean-278262 14:14 19 Oct 2006

Either as both are fully supported. My parents went digital earlier in the year and managed to get a lite on Dual format system for only 10 or so quid more. Try looking to get a dual format system and all you need to do if you need disks is go out and buy whatever is cheaper.

If you go on lite ons site they list all their products as I cant remember what one they got. However it was from argos.

  Field Division 14:22 19 Oct 2006

Liteon DD-A100X DVD Recorder. £100

  Stuartli 14:41 19 Oct 2006

The Philips/Grundig V2000 system (the best of the lot) and Sony's Betamax were around well before VHS - the difference was that Thorn EMI, whose Ferguson VHS models were rebadged JVC machines, also owned more than 600 Radio Rentals shops around the UK at the time.

That provided a machines sales and video rentals leverage that was to eventually oust the superior V2000 and Betamax formats.

  Field Division 14:53 19 Oct 2006

The third Grundig V2000 machine was a "proper" slimline front-loader, little larger than modern machines (though a great deal heavier!). It looks spectacular in its gold trim, and had some nice features - a time remaining display, for example, which showed how much time was left on the tape.

  amyfleur 15:30 19 Oct 2006

Spending time on Liteon website. Glad there is both + and - on their DVD Recorders but the editing facilities aren't that great.

From their downloadable manuals I can only see Title editing available.

I would want to cut naff scenes and adverts - could I do this on my PC and then copy back to the DVD? nb. I do have Dual Drive on PC.

  amyfleur 15:55 19 Oct 2006

Looked at Philips website - they have dual but not sure of the editing - no manual available.

  FatboySlim71 16:10 19 Oct 2006

I have a Panasonic DMR-EX85 and it will take - R/RW or + R/RW and DVD-RAM discs, whichever make/model you choose have a look on the manafacturers web site and it should tell you in the specifications for it what dvd formats it will take.

  FatboySlim71 16:15 19 Oct 2006

I can highly recommend the Panasonic DMR-EX85 its perfect imo its not cheap at arount £420 but you only get what you pay for imo, also its editing features are excellent, you can easily cut out unwanted scenes advert etc.

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