Best Firewall?

  daz74 12:40 13 Apr 2003

Hi,iam just about to go AOL broadband in a week or so and want to know what is the best firewall program to use,i am running windows me.

Thanks Darren

  BeeWee 13:08 13 Apr 2003

i'm on ntl broadband and use zone alarm..(free version) it has never let me down!
click here

  loder 13:16 13 Apr 2003

try some free ones click here and
click here both quite good. they both
have pro versions as well.

  worf 13:21 13 Apr 2003

Before purchasing a Firewall you may want to have a look at this link. It gives details of which firewall contains what.
Personally I use ZA Pro.

click here

  spuds 13:25 13 Apr 2003

I use the freebie ZoneAlarm, never let me down yet, and I have used it a long time now. Just converted to the latest upgrade,would fully recommend this product.

  Belatucadrus 13:50 13 Apr 2003

Kerio 2, unlike other free versions it isn't cut down in any way and its got a good manual available to download. click here

  huzzar 15:07 13 Apr 2003

ZoneAlarm Pro for me too. Doesn't need a manual.

  -pops- 15:11 13 Apr 2003

On the recommendation of the Forum Editor here, I use Outpost click here

It's free.

It Works.

It's unobtrusive.


  powerless 15:28 13 Apr 2003

If you use Zonealarm make the following changes.

Start > Programs > Starup > Right Click > Properties > Make the change in "Target"

"C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zonealarm.exe" -nosplash

You add the " -nosplash" There is a space after .exe" <space>

This will stop a splash screen appearing when Zonealarm loads and when you are in Zonealrm make this change...

Alerts and Logs > Main > Select "off" any alerts you recieve will not make a popup appear disturbing you.

When you first run Zonealrm you'll have program access popup appear. Any program that asks for the internet will cause this. It's a one time setup...

But make sure you tick the box "Remeber this answer the next time i use this program.". Then click yes, this way each time a program goes for the internet it will not keep popping up.

On the other hand click No to stop it accessing the internet.

click here for scores.

  -pops- 15:36 13 Apr 2003

Blimey! Didn't have to do all that when I put Outpost in.;-))


  powerless 16:02 13 Apr 2003

Well when you install Zonealarm you get given a tutorial so you can make most changes from there...

From memory anyway.

Then it's just a case of setting program/sever rights, when a prgram wants the internet.

The splash screen is just personal choice of mine you can have it or remove by doing the above.

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