Best encrypted cloud for small business

  CVPDH 14:04 17 Dec 2013

Hi everyone!

I'm in charge of the IT-stuff in a small organisation here in Denmark, with a main office with about 10 people. As any other worplace, we have a lot of data stored on a local server, where everyone in the office has access to.

The main problem is that we can't access our data when working from outside the office which is a huge problem, since we are working a lot around in the country while needing access to our common files. many of the files are also very confidental, so we're looking for an encrypted cloud provider, that can handle this for us.

The amount of data is currently 250gb+, so using a service similar to dropbox where all the files also are stored on every machine is not an option.

Does any of you know a good provider who offers this kin of service?

Best regards

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