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best email program

  alibob1526 18:52 16 Nov 2011

I have a hotmail account on windows live but it is getting very annoying. Every time I try to read my emails I have to sign-in with address & password, even after clicking the box that says, -keep me signed in. It doesn't. Is there any programs where I can just click on emails & read them without all this sign-in business?

  lotvic 00:43 17 Nov 2011

Are you using Webmail (Windows Live Hotmail) via your browser?

What operating system do you have W7 or XP or ?

There are lots of different email clients that you can download to your pc and then use them (not your browser) to send and receive your email. You create accounts in them and then you do not have to enter passwords every time.

Windows Live Mail is one that will collect Hotmail email.

(Windows Live Hotmail is webmail. Windows Live Mail is a program you download to your pc. They are different)

  wee eddie 09:56 17 Nov 2011

While I can't say that this will solve your problem, it may.

Clear the cookies from your system, this program CCleaneris as good as it gets.

  alibob1526 16:15 17 Nov 2011

I am using a laptop with Windows 7 preinstalled. How do I find Windows Live Webmail? I just downloaded windows Live from the internet, it popped up on my browser IE.

  Terry Brown 09:51 19 Nov 2011

As geniscant says, for a web mail account Gmail is about as good as it gets for a free program, I believe you can also import your settings from hotmail.


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