best Easy but Good software for copying LP's toCds

  haricot 14:39 12 Jun 2007

A beginner in terms of experience I am but not absolute 'tis true.

I need to know what can you experienced guys recommend for the best and easiest software for copying Lp's to Cd's please.


  Diemmess 18:23 12 Jun 2007

I use Audacity, and it is free
click here

I use it as the recording software. It can then be edited in simple ways like trimming or seeing off bad needle scratches, and exported in a choice of files.

  haricot 20:09 12 Jun 2007

Thanks for that Diemmess. I'll have a go. Much obliged.

  keef66 10:36 13 Jun 2007

I just bought Magix Audio Cleaning Lab from Amazon, and find it Fisher-Price simple to use. My wife is very pleased to have her obscure motown LP's on CD to play in the car.

  Wak 10:51 13 Jun 2007

If you have Nero then you probably already have all you need.
click here

  haricot 14:03 13 Jun 2007

Thanks Keef66 and wak.

I'll follow those thru as well . Most grateful for your input.cheers

  Strawballs 22:48 13 Jun 2007

I have seen a turntable with USB connector!

  haricot 09:22 14 Jun 2007

Hi Strawballs. Nice to hear from you.

Do tell about the turntable. What is it . Where can you get it and most of all is it any good ie what is t he quality like?


  Strawballs 22:26 14 Jun 2007

I saw it in PCA a few months back will try to find it when I get home from work.

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