Best DVD copy software ???

  El Cavaliero! 18:53 29 Sep 2003


Over the past year I have built up a good collection of DVD movies and wish to take back ups (as is my right). Recently bought a Pioneer DVR 106 dual format writer for this purpose but as it was OEM no software was included. Have thought about Nero v6, Roxio Easy DVD, Pinnacle easy dvd and Movie-jack. Seems to be conflicting information as to which will do what as regards over-the-counter DVD films (encryption?). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated (best media for this burner? : is DVD+R or DVD-R better and which brands?).

Many thanks in anticipation.

  -pops- 19:01 29 Sep 2003

What do you think the reason is for encrypting DVD films?

  mark500 19:01 29 Sep 2003

This link for DVD Shrink.Decodes and removes DCSS protection and makes movies region free.

click here

To burn to DVD use this.Copy To DVD.

click here

REMEMBER Backing up or copying DVD is ILLEGAL in this country.

  El Cavaliero! 19:50 29 Sep 2003

Mark, thanks very much for your help

Pops : your reply was truly constructive and a great deal of help.You really are a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary world!

Do any of the off the shelf items work? Yes, thats right pops, I do actually prefer to buy my software, be it a movie or anything else.

  woody147 20:55 29 Sep 2003

yep, it's always advisable to take, err, 'backups' of your DVD movies. Mine are always failing or developing mysterious errors, or else they just disintegrate after a few runs in my DVD player. Only last week my mates house burnt down and he was mighty relieved he'd taken my advice and made backups of all his DVD films and buried them in the garden. Wish I had a DVD burner.

  soy 22:20 29 Sep 2003

Coping or Backing up DVDs is a bit of a hit and miss affair. Many of the software titles available are not 100% effective. If your gonna try backing up your whole collection then prepare for currupt DVDs, hours and hours of wasted Reading/recording times.

There was a trial of DVD burning software in a magazine a few months ago and even the best commercial software failed at least once.

  soy 22:25 29 Sep 2003

Oh yeah, if you can get it, I think the best DVD sopy software is DVD X copy from 321Studios click here

  mark500 22:32 29 Sep 2003

DVD X copy watermarks films so they can be traced.And puts it's own warnings on the start of the disk.

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