Best Dial up Modem

  CDL 23:14 08 Nov 2004

Unable to get Broadband - cofirmed by BT today so I would like to try and upgrade my dialup/modem connection. Is there a particular modem that is better than the rest ? Or do I just stick with the £15 I've got - and that's the best performance that I can expect.

Do the expensive (Belkin) modem cables make any difference ?


  woodchip 23:16 08 Nov 2004

What is your connection speed click here test both and write them down. try the same icon twice to check

  woodchip 23:19 08 Nov 2004

I have just got a download speed of 48,000bps on a External Modem

  CDL 11:58 09 Nov 2004

Thanks for the test woodchip. The results correspond with my connection speed - about 44,000bps. But how if at all can I improve on this. Are the more expensive,branded modems any better ?

  Eastender 12:02 09 Nov 2004

I was about to try this but then went BB, so I cannot speak from experience.

click here

  -Beb- 12:24 09 Nov 2004

Nope, all modems are pretty much the same. Same thing with the cable. I don't understand how they can call it a high speed modem cable when its exaclty the same thing as the cheap cable.

I think there is a company that was doing BB via mains electrical lines, I dont know if that's still happening or not. Can you not get cable in you area either?

  CDL 12:34 09 Nov 2004

Thanks Beb. I'll stick with what I've got then and just put up with it ! I'm interested in the 'BB via mains electrical lines' though - do you know any more about that ? No we can't get cable either - we're lucky to get a decent telephone connection !! Too far away from the exchange apparently for BB. Another idea is satellite but I think its too expensive

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