Best CPU

  Phenomx1 17:22 29 Aug 2008

Hi I am looking to buy an Abit I-N73HD motherboard for a media PC I am putting together what is the best CPU to suit this board must be a core 2 at least.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

  Phenomx1 17:48 29 Aug 2008

Just an update currently looking at a Intel Core 2 Duo, E7200, Wolfdale Core, S775, 2.53 GHz, 1066MHz,
it's supposed to be a great overclocker and so would be in theory a good buy.
Also need to think about cooling it any suggestions??

  GaT7 17:50 29 Aug 2008

I don't think any such thing exists as "the best CPU to suit this board", but I'd go for one that suited my needs & budget.

If you're on a tight budget, get a secondhand one off eBay - e.g. a search for E6400 & E4600 click here.

If not on a budget, a quadcore Q6600 click here+(Retail+775)+?productId=28356 would be nice.

Don't forget a good quiet third-party cooler (size depending on your case) as the Intel ones may be on the noisy side. G

  GaT7 17:57 29 Aug 2008

Sorry, the Aria link again click here (cheapest I could find).

The E7200 sounds good too, especially if you're thinking of overclocking it.

The cooler will depend on the size (height/depth) of your case. Arctic Cooling Freezer is a good choice - low-profile click here, standard will be better click here. G

  FatboySlim71 22:25 29 Aug 2008

I got the Intel Quad Core Q6600 in a recent build and its a fantastic processor, it makes light work of anything you throw at it, also if you go for the G0 revision type it is very overclockable (WITH SUITABLE ADEQUATE COOLING THAT IS)

  Phenomx1 12:26 01 Sep 2008

Cheers guys this has got me going now just one thing
the Q6600 is a great chip I remember reading about it
but in the context of a media pc would it be a good buy or would the E7200 do me just as well?
I wouldn't be gaming just HD video recording from TV and the like.
Cheers Cliff

  GaT7 18:10 01 Sep 2008

Yeah, the E7200 will be fine. And it costs ~35 lower too. Thinking about it, an E2180 (£44 click here) will be fine too. G

  Quiller. 18:32 01 Sep 2008

These are the ones your board supports. click here

  Phenomx1 17:52 02 Sep 2008

Thanks guys I think I will probbably go for the e7022 as I think it will cope fine and the price leaves me more for other parts.
Going back to the Case size thinking of cooling side of things I would like an Antec Fusion 430 case would I need the lower profile Arctic cooler pro7 for that or could I get away with the normal one?

  Phenomx1 17:54 02 Sep 2008

Sorry Typo in the previous post.
Should be E7200

  GaT7 19:20 02 Sep 2008

The LP cooler looks a better bet.

Fusion 430 height click here: 146mm - most probably EXTERNAL height

Freezer 7 LP height click here=: 53mm

Freezer 7 Pro height click here=: 126.5mm


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