Best computer to buy?

  Alien463 11:41 13 Mar 2003

What would be the best computer to buy in terms of speed, stability, storage and memory capacity, etc, if cost were not an issue?



  powerless 11:50 13 Mar 2003

No definite answer to that question. Any computer could be the answer...

Just check out a few companys POWER PCS's where everything will be high spec...Then compare.

Look for...

P4 3.06/RDRAM/SCSI HDD/Geforce FX/ATI Radeon range

AMD 3000+/DDR3200/SCSI HDD/GeforceFX/ATI Radeon range

More likely to have IDE HDD's


A few places click here? click here click here
click here
click here

  Tog 11:54 13 Mar 2003

Speed? Data tx rates, graphics, math?

Storage? Speed of retrieval, size, physical dimensions, security, portability?

  bfoc 12:08 13 Mar 2003

Is really the key question that must be answered.

The 'Best' computer for games players who make heavy use of 3D facilities might well be different from the 'Best' computer which would be used as a general family or office machine.

I'm sure if you give an idea of what your needs are you'll get plenty of opinions!

  AndySD 12:16 13 Mar 2003

click here .....;-)))

  Alien463 12:36 14 Mar 2003

I'm really a power user so I guess I want something worthwhile in that department. Other priorities include tight security, a lot of RAM and storage space (i have a lot of files and do a lot of multitasking).

BTW thanks for the links.


P.S. Especially the supercomputer one :)

  Ritchbee 12:56 14 Mar 2003

Speak to Shepley Computers.
I've found them to be excellent.

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