The best cheap internet security software

  johnincrete 12:21 05 Oct 2018

My granddaughter is studying at a university in UK. She has just bought a new laptop. Can you please advise what protection software she needs? She accesses the internet frequently and, I guess, she frequently uses USB sticks to pass on and to receive information. As a student, free or cheap software is most acceptable!

  wee eddie 11:13 14 Oct 2018

Windows Defender is fine if you're sitting at home, doing Facebook and writing the occasional email.

Uni's environment of exploration and experiment requires something much more robust.

  bromanz 20:38 16 Oct 2018

"McShield" free program is specialist in detecting USB malware & gives a screen message showing if flash drive is infected or clean as soon as the flash drive inserted. From experience cleaning peoples pc's by far most common problem is pups , browser & toolbar hijackers and spyware derived from doing downloads and visiting bad websites. Malwarebytes Real Time Premium will proactively block these & bad websites but if version too expensive Malwarebytes browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox now vgood alternative blockers. Also "Unchecky"free program will block most pups & bad stuff often hidden within downloads & is instal & forget.

  bromanz 11:26 17 Oct 2018

Omitted to say Mcshield cleans & removes any infections before allowing flash drive to load.

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