best budget pc buy for the whole family to enjoy?

  jms1968 00:26 13 Nov 2004

total novice and un educated!
I need to buy a pc for the family. really am lost for what is the best option.
kids play online tibia game so need decent speed and graphics. Help please its a mine feild!!!!!

  johnnyrocker 00:44 13 Nov 2004

you could have a look at click here they will build to what you require,


  kev.Ifty 01:28 13 Nov 2004

Decide first of all how much you have to spend! Then decide what accessories you may need for your new computer.

I would look at getting a computer that has a DVD writer that is + & - R so as to support both formats. If you are going to use a Joystick and you have a Digital camera, then some USB Ports on the front of the tower may be easier than fiddling around the back of your system. (the more USB2 port's the better)

A CTR Monitor is cheaper than a TFT, the Kids will probably prefer a bigger screen to play their games. Will they need a printer?(for homework etc). Dont forget some speakers, so they can play their downloaded music.

Tesco have a system for about £480 that has a printer and all the bits.

The main thing is to set your budget and stick to it. :-)


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:50 13 Nov 2004

Go to PCWorld, select a model for around £600 (compaq or emachine), take it home, unpack, enjoy.


  TomJerry 10:16 13 Nov 2004

there are a few options £699, £999 or £1099, all of them are fine. Kids can try themself first.

£999 one will keep all of you satisified for a few years, great TFT screen for gaming click here

  TomJerry 10:23 13 Nov 2004

may be you could increase that to £700, every model in PCworld between £600 to £700 are fine, go down there all together and find one every like.

Or find one, and come back here to ask people's opnions.

  stylehurst 10:52 13 Nov 2004

Try Novatech, they cater for all budgets & their tech people are very helpful, if you explain what you want & your budget they will make recommendations without trying to rip you off.

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