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  pppc 19:14 30 May 2004

I've just re-installed Windows 98SE. I was using Iinternet Explorer and for the last few weeks, Turnpike for my email client. Not awfully keen - can anyone suggest what would be the best FREE broswer and email program - I did try Opera some time ago and was not terribly impressed.

In email I want to OE features - rules, etc.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


  VoG II 19:16 30 May 2004

For browser I recommend Firefox click here

  Old Shep 19:19 30 May 2004

Incredimail for e.mail. Avante or Mozilla Firefox for browsing I have them all. I also have Opera and think it's brilliant???

  Taran 19:25 30 May 2004

I really like Firefox as a browser and Eudora Pro click here or The Bat! click here are excellent email clients.

I've yet to find a combination that rivals IE and Outlook for overall practicality for the way I work though.

Call me old fashioned...

  VoG II 19:29 30 May 2004

Well I'm still using Outlook as well - maybe I'm old fashioned too ;o)

But for browsing Firefox has been something of a revelation. I used to use Opera (and paid for it!) but Firefox suits me much better.

  GaT7 19:31 30 May 2004

My browser recommendation is Avant Browser - click here. Has some great features/options - give yourself some time to discover/use them to your advantage. Hope you find one you like. Good luck. G

PS - You probably already know this. Don't uninstall IE as it's needed for vital functions on your PC. If you don't find a browser you like there's always IE to fall back on.

  Taran 19:55 30 May 2004

Firefox suits me much better too, it just doesn't work with my bank, with several companies I regularly order from and with any complex JavaScript and some CSS that I embed into web pages.

While it does support the majority of CSS that I throw at it, every now and then it mangles a page that IE, NetScpape and even Opera manage to cope with, so it has become a bit of a love hate thing. Hence my return (for now) to IE.

Regarding Outlook, if I ever find an email client with similar capabilities that I can so easily hook into Excel or, more important, Access I'll consider a long term move.

The closest I've seen to date is the truly superb Ximian Evolution which can even hook straight into Microsoft Exchange, but you need to be running Linux to take advantage of it so it isn't really an option in this discussion ;o)

Until then...

  exit 20:20 30 May 2004


outlook seems the easiest pop3 i,ve set up.

but i used to like the bat for the xtra tools but

can't seem to set it up but well worth the effort

you can get it on a trial to see if you like it and avery good alternative to ms,


  pppc 13:03 13 Jun 2004

I tried Firefox and Eudora and liked both - but for email I prefer the word processor type formatting of OE. But now I am trying IncrediMail and at first glance it seems to be just what I want and more. Thanks to every body for the help and advice.

Peter C.

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