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  Lillylou 18:10 31 Dec 2004

What browser would you recommend. I have had Avant installed for the last couple of months but recently problems have started, like being unable to download, PDF files not opening and Avant freezing up my system. I liked the way Avant worked and it was quick. Is there anything similar or should I try reinstalling it again. I have run all my virus scanners and they are clear.

  Jackcoms 18:16 31 Dec 2004

Why not look at the current PCA poll?

  octal 18:29 31 Dec 2004

This one:

click here

Followed by this one:

click here

The paid for version of Opera is very good.

  GaT7 18:40 31 Dec 2004

Do you have the latest version 10.0.035? I've also found problems with some of the previous versions (on Win98se) but I find the latest one the almost infallible. For me it's Avant first, then Firefox! G

If you have the latest version & having these problems try this:

1. Download & install Firefox to use now & whenever Avant plays up! click here.

2. Uninstall Avant, delete the conf.ini OR abrowser.ini file (for instructions click here) & reinstall Avant after shutting down running programs, including antivirus & firewall software. G

  Lillylou 19:06 31 Dec 2004

Thanks for that Crossbow7 but where do I find the conf.ini

  bukkaz 19:31 31 Dec 2004

I had problems with avant and have switched to Maxthon. Found it quick and with a lot of features, with benegit that as it is based on IE works with everything and has a familiar layout. worth giving a try.

  Tog_ 19:51 31 Dec 2004

A decent email prog and with the extensions available I have a calendar with similar abilities to Outlook, an add-in to open pages in IE for the odd occasion when I visit a site whose designers are too blinkered or inexperienced to allow for other browsers, choice of browser appearance... the list goes on. click here

  GaT7 20:35 31 Dec 2004

"but where do I find the conf.ini" The link again click here.

Also, as Tog_ mentions, if you use Firefox/Mozilla, you must try their Extensions. For Firefox the links are:
click here & click here. G

  Lillylou 20:59 31 Dec 2004

I have re installed Avant and it seems to be working OK. Never got Firefox to work properly so will stay with Avant for now. Thanks for all your help and suggestions

  LinuxPenguin 02:55 01 Jan 2005

I use firefox now, only ever use Ie for sites that firefox cant use (mainly for security reasons). When i want to play on a flash game, i use opera, that way if you hold ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel, you can zoom the flash game.

Firefox is amazing, especially once youve added extensions, my particular must-haves are all-in-one-gestures and adblock

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