best broadband connection?

  gudda96 16:19 10 Oct 2003

Can anyone suggest the best BB as I have applied for FS BB and should have been connected on the 7th but it has not happened.

I am ringing/writing/e-mailing both BT and FS to no avail.

Would like to change both of them I THINK.

  hugh-265156 16:56 10 Oct 2003

people may laugh at me for saying this but ntl are great in my opinion.never had a problem in 13 months 600k connection £24.99mth.

  gudda96 17:48 10 Oct 2003

Who is your landline supplier and where you connected on the date promised.

Quite a comprehensive site that but a bit bewildering for me. If you are experienced in BB do you have any tips. I read in the Daily Express that BT are going to be asked questions about them slowing up the final connection. As I said, they have slowed mine as it should have been the 7th.


Thank you all for answering.

  Flak999 18:23 10 Oct 2003

Im with Freeserve and i have to say it is excellent!

free modem came when promised set up was a breeze, i am now getting a great uninterrupted connection with fast download speeds!

  gudda96 09:12 11 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone for your comments, what a forum.

Am I right to assume that if I went to Pipex, they become my ISP supplier then but I can stay with BT for my landline?

I assume there is a link on the site Minter for Pipex, will look after this.

BTW, when composing a message here, i c/o the BACK button to refer to your comments and on return, had lost my message, do I need to r/c copy when I go back or is there another way.

  JohnS 12:33 13 Oct 2003

I use BT. Kit arrived when I was told and installed first time. Never have problem connecting and don't know what the help desk is like as I never had to use it.


  gudda96 17:28 14 Oct 2003

Hi Everyone

I would like to thank you all for replies.

i am still in no mans land..I have told FS to cancel my application as I cannot find out why I am not connected. I have done all they said EG their filter in into my BT socker>>one cable from their modem to back of filter>>one cable from their modem to a USB connection on processor.
I have disconnected it and asked for my money back because apart from the lack of connection, I find that other servers are cheaper. In fact you who suggested Pipex might be glad to know that someone I know who is VERY high up in pc's uses Pipex himself.

But before I join Pipex, I am communicating with them by email as I dont want the same problem so if the signal is too weak or whatever, let them find out first if they can.

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