best book to learn linux

  [DELETED] 17:15 07 Sep 2003

Hi all i have installed mandrake 9.1 side by side with xp pro on my system as a dual boot.

I was so amazed by the ammount of appliations included in this free software. Full graphics editing, video, full office suite. the lot. I am so amazed by it i want to learn so much more about linux.

What will be the best book to buy to learn about it does anyone know. Something that starts me off with installing programs in linux up to the more complex stuff.

I would apprciate any suggestions


  hugh-265156 19:11 07 Sep 2003

not sure about books but here is some links:

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

  [DELETED] 20:25 07 Sep 2003

Well done , i have a dual with Red Hat 9 and XP on my laptop, very tasty.....

click here, is also a good guide , it does mention Red Hat a bit but most applies to any Distro of Linux..

Happy computing
Kitz E Kat

  [DELETED] 21:15 07 Sep 2003

thanks for the links already learnt alot today,( still cant believe how great linux is) but i am really after a good book that tells me all bout it from the basics up to the advanced.

any ideas? anyone

  [DELETED] 21:58 07 Sep 2003

Best thing to do is go down to your local bookshop and look at the lot!!!

Strange thing about books is they work for one person and not for another.

I would recomment the Red Hat bible, but it is geared for RH, however as i said earlier the two systems are not that different, so have a look, you also get the disk for RH with the book you could play with that!!!
After that cant say...
The online tutorials will give you everything you need to know, but i do like the feel of a good book, call me old fashioned!!!! Yeah Linux is great, glad you like it , andother new recruit!!!!

Have fun...
Kitz E kat

  spuds 22:14 07 Sep 2003

If you have access to a PC World store, why not make a visit.The store local to me as a very good range of books, including Linux. Sometimes PCW have a 10%-20% special reduction sale on their books.

  [DELETED] 23:41 07 Sep 2003

Or possibly put Linux into the search facility at

  powerless 23:47 07 Sep 2003

Well I've *ahem* installed upadated nvidia drivers and configured a file to make use of the updated drivers.

I've install my ADSL USB modem and am connected to the net.

Also installed a game - Which will run one of these days.

All with help from a member on this forum ;-)

Buy the book but ask anything here. I'm sure people will try to help. However this a PC windows forum so anything too complex a more dedicated linux forum is called for ...

www . google . com

  [DELETED] 02:52 08 Sep 2003

Try your local library.


  [DELETED] 03:08 08 Sep 2003

I`d agree with Kitz E Kat, the Red Hat Linux 9 Bible is worth a browse at your local shop.

It covers most things pretty well but as you`ve noticed Linux has so much that it would be too big to hold if it covered everything (its over a 1000 pages as it is!)

Most of the lightweight books like the "for Dummies" series are ok for a quick start but will probably leave you wanting more.

A look in your local library may also turn up something if your lucky!

I`ve now got RH9 dual booting on my laptop and a desktop system. I found it easier to get my WiFi card set up and the Nvidia drivers installed than the Mandrake distro, now if I can just get Bluetooth sorted so I can leave the serial lead to my mobile at home I`ll be even happier!

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