The best beginner's web design software?

  jezzabevan 16:26 10 Jul 2005

I want to design a web site for my garden design business. What would be the best, fairly simple software package for this? I already have a copy of MS Frontpage 2003, is this any good or would I be better off buying say NetObjects Fusion 8, Coffee Cup or Serif Web Plus 9 for example. Don't think I need or want anything too complicated but software must be flexible and easy enough to use. Any recommendations anyone?

  Forum Editor 16:33 10 Jul 2005

is a superb design application, and is used by many professional designers - myself included. It's a powerful program, especially where data-driven sites are concerned, and every bit as capable as, say, Macromedia DreamWeaver. THe big advantage with FrontPage is that it has a fairly gentle learnig curve, and even a complete beginner can soon turn out a pretty respectable site.

NOF 8.0 is also an excellent program, and I use it regularly. It's the kind of program that keeps pace with you as your expertise increases, and some people never use anything else.

  doctor-webby 12:05 13 Jul 2005

I run my own small business web design company and all I use is Frontpage, its versatile and very easy to update and to be honest if a client wants to update their site frequently there really is no better program, it is however limited compared to dreamweaver but the pros out do the cons

I would stay using FP as it will do everything you want it to, if you need am e commerce function then go to the add in center and use the 123 paypal set-up which again is very easy to impliment and if you need any form of script then just type what you want into google and you will find it

You could look at using a template but if you are going to do that use one from a decent provider i use mainly templates as in my opinion its the way ahead if clients do not need a totally bespoke approach but the most important thing is getting your site search engine friendly as no visitors means no chance of success, if you want some tutorials or help on setting up a site check out my site click here

  cadena 16:43 14 Jul 2005

Can you tell me where I can get the above, I have Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 please.

  jezzabevan 18:35 14 Jul 2005


Amazon Uk sell Front Page 2003 for £147.99

see link: click here

  Forum Editor 14:42 15 Jul 2005

Exactly the opposite in my view. FP can do anything DreamWeaver can do - in fact it's far better than DW if you're working with external data sources.

  ade.h 16:53 19 Jul 2005

I'm a recent convert to Net Objects, jezzabevan.

Once you get used to its slightly unusual way of doing things (don't expect it to be quite as logical as some software) it is absolutely top draw. I have tried Dreamweaver, which is really not for novices (which I was at the time) and NOF is much easier. Just create your first project using the templates to get used to it; you can always change the style or copy your work into a new site when you've made progress.

Good luck

BTW - it's £120 (boxed) from Amazon or £130 for a full download on the NOF website. There's also a 30-day trial, I think.

  rotormota 17:39 29 Jul 2005

Hi, I would recommend Serif WebPlus 9. It's a fraction of the cost of most other web design software, has been best buy in many reviews & is excellent for beginners & pros alike.

I have produced a 12 page site for my classic car simply by adapting one of the included templates & it is very slick indeed!

I picked mine up on eBay brand new, retail, sealed for much less than buying direct.

All the best.

  PurplePenny 00:17 30 Jul 2005

Or try Nvu which is open source (free) and claims to be a rival for Dreamweaver and Frontpage click here (no idea how true that claim is).

  cadena 09:53 18 Sep 2005

thanks alot guys for all the info; I am spoilt for choice! Cheers.........

  Bebee 12:05 18 Sep 2005

I downloaded the NOF trial and built my first website click here as a complete novice. I've now bought it, but I presume I could have imported the site to another program. It may be worth a try.

I have got the Serif, and I generally like their programs, butI found it a bit quirky and didn't get the look I wanted. I found NOF quite straightforward - it was worth working through the beginner's tutorial though.

Good luck making a choice.

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