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  ripply 11:05 11 May 2013

I'm thinking of getting a new computer in the near future and I'm not sure if I should buy another laptop, a netbook or an ipad. I only browse the web/shop and send emails. Don't need lots of storage for photo's or anything. I've seen some useful 'apps' that I would like. I use a friend's ipad and love how it's handy for using whilst lounging on the sofa. Problem is, my broadband is very slow because I'm in such a rural area and if one of these devices is faster than the other, then I'd definitely choose it. Could anyone advise me if speed is likely to differ between them or would it not make much difference?

  Chronos the 2nd 11:28 11 May 2013

It will not matter what you use to access the net, if you have a slow connection and being in the country you will have. Just buy what you want which I suspect is an Ipad and hope that your speed will improve in the furfure.

  Forum Editor 16:10 11 May 2013

An iPad would seem to be an ideal solution for you. Mine has a mobile broadband micro-SIM from my phone provider, and I can get a reasonably fast 3G connection more or less anywhere in the UK.

  ripply 20:45 11 May 2013

Unfortunately, there is no 3G in my area at all. Have to drive nearly 7 miles to pick a signal up. On my home wireless connection, would the ipad be the best for web browsing? I've heard it boots up quicker but I'm more interested in the speed these things load web pages.

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