best AV

  misters 21:38 03 Nov 2003

Go on please some one tell me the best free AV of the net.
Thanx in advance.

Everybody has their favorite - mine is Avast
click here

  VoG II 21:48 03 Nov 2003

Many forum members swear by AVG click here

Another good one (apparently) is Avast click here

Personally I use McAfee but that definitely isn't free. However they do offer an online scan click here as do Symantec (Norton) click here and Trend (PC-cilin) click here

  misters 21:51 03 Nov 2003

Cheers guys but does avast support win/xp, also is AVG still supported.

  Belatucadrus 21:57 03 Nov 2003

I'm using avast! on win XP with no problems, I used to use AVG 6.0, but think avast! 4 is better.
AVG 6.0 is still supported, although Grisoft are supposed to be releasing a free version of 7.0 at some date.

  VoG II 21:58 03 Nov 2003

Yes and Yes.

  misters 21:58 03 Nov 2003

Can i just ask this quickly my pc came with norton Av also a firewall built into norton now the trial version is over does this include the firewall as well.

You will need a seperate firewall if you use Avast! or AVG.

A free one I use is Outpost Free V1.0 click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:17 04 Nov 2003

On a home computer there is no need for a firewall ;-))) but if you feel happier with one, Outpost is excellent.


  Proxy Worm 17:56 04 Nov 2003

i have AVG, solid system with load sof updates. click here

  feb 18:04 04 Nov 2003

On a home computer there is no need for a firewall

Please explane GANDALF!

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