Best ATi graphics card for under £50

  john63 21:44 21 Dec 2005

Simple as that really. Which ATi graphics card for less than £50 would you reccommend that I buy. I can buy second-hand if need be. I had considered a second-hand 9800 pro(for about £65), but was worried that it might have non-obvious damage caused by overclocking. Should I be concerned about this?

  Totally-braindead 21:50 21 Dec 2005

If you can add another tenner you could get a 9600 pro, have a look here click here

  john63 22:01 21 Dec 2005 budget might be able to stretch to that. Is it a good idea to steer clear of second-hand graphics cards off ebay?

  Totally-braindead 22:07 21 Dec 2005

Its like everything else on Ebay my friend, you may get a card from a person whos only used it as its meant to be or you could get a card from someone whos overclocked it. Theres no way of telling. Personally I would only buy a second hand card off a friend who I knew hadn't mucked about with it, but thats me. If you would move away from the ATI one onto Nvidia then this is good for the money click here not cutting edge and certainly not as fast as a 9800Pro but good for the cash. Have click here look at the charts and make your own mind up

  john63 22:11 21 Dec 2005

I currently have a 9250. Which ATi card is the card which you linked to apparoximately eqivalent to?

  hzhzhz 22:16 21 Dec 2005

My mate paid 100 pounds for a 9600xt off ebay. Didnt last long. Fan packed in. Myself, I would never buy a 2nd hand graphics card from an unknown user. As Totally-braindead says I would only consider it if I knew exactly where it came from and who used it.

  john63 22:20 21 Dec 2005

Yeah..that's what I thought. There are many for sale with a description which basically says that they are selling the card despite the fact that it will play the latest games with ease. Hmmm...sounds like they are probably faulty. There are also a lot of declared faulty 9800pros on ebay...perhaps made faulty by onme insane overclock too far.

  keef66 09:56 22 Dec 2005

Try these.

Or is this the 2nd hand card you originally referred to?

click here

  john63 12:27 22 Dec 2005

That is very good value for money. I was just saying that I wouldn't buy a non-reconditioned second-hand card.

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