Best Antivirus to buy ? it's time to stump up !

  Giantsquid 09:49 22 Oct 2004

Hello all,

What is the best Antivirus to buy, I have used AVG for a couple of years now (free edition) just recently I downloaded the Profesional version and now I have 2 days to make my mind up as to buy or not (33 quid)I cannot honestly say that is any better than the free edition (in my opinion)
I have heard that Trend Micro is also very good, what is the opinion of the Helproom ?

Many thanks to all that help,

  jimv7 10:01 22 Oct 2004

Stick with avg6.

  carolineann 10:05 22 Oct 2004

same as jimv7

  MAJ 10:13 22 Oct 2004

If I was going to pay for one, it would probably be ESET's NOD32. click here

  MAJ 10:16 22 Oct 2004

If you want an iffy email scanner, go for AVG6, (unless they've cured that problem).

  rawprawn 10:30 22 Oct 2004

I have tried quite a few different brands both free and purchased. I find the best for me is Avast, I use the free version and see no good reason to upgrade to the full here

  flyboy 11:33 22 Oct 2004

I agree with rawprawn

  Tenacious Green 11:36 22 Oct 2004

If its a home Computer why buy at all? Stick with AVG and follow safe email practices.

  Giantsquid 13:11 22 Oct 2004

Dont know about you out there but after fettling my mates computer a few weeks ago which was ram jam full of the above it's clear to me that all this rubbish is getting worse by the week!
I installed AVG Prof on his computer and at the same time mine, my mate thinks that if you pay for something you are much better off than not paying, eg, (you get better support) that is his perogative as I cannot always go round and fix his problems.
I explained that is not always the case but it is up to him and that is why I am asking the origional question..for him not me, because I put AVG Prof on his comp he trusts me to know what I am doing, and I dont want him to be disappointed with his purchase.

As for me because I have loads of defences up against all the rubbish (ad-aware SE, spywareblaster, Spamguard,Spybot) and Sygate up and running it is not such a big deal, I am much better protected then he is, that is why I asked you all, because a Forum as good as this is will convince me that I am doing the right thing for him,

Thanks to you all,

  cherria 13:13 22 Oct 2004

Saw an advert on TV last nuight from PC World, offering Norton Internet Security (Virus and firewall) for £29.99

Good price!

  Valvegrid 15:20 22 Oct 2004

Dual boot with Linux and use Linux for the Internet, I don't get any of those problems. If I want Windows I re-boot to it and run it. It cost me about 25 squid for a paid for version of Linux, and got a good O/S as well.

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