Best antivirus avalible

  dazgwinn 20:25 21 Dec 2004

Hi Guy's, just bought a new Dell 4700 dimmension and after downloading a screensaver got myself infected with a trojan.I'm currently using Avast home edition which is free.Would i be better off buying a full package and which is the best?Dell had McAffee preloaded but this was for sixty day trial only so i've gone for the free Avast which did pick up the trojan but has not apparently totally got shot of it altogether as it raised it's ugly head when i tried to make a dvd.Any suggestions warmly received.Dazgwinn

  Gongoozler 20:31 21 Dec 2004

In the past I have used Norton, I am now using Avast, and in my opinion it is just as good as Norton and doesn't hog the system resources as much. Any antivirus is only as good as the latest update, so it's important not to fall behind on these.

  Gongoozler 20:36 21 Dec 2004

Sorry, I haven't answered part 2 of your question. For home use I don't think the "Paid for" version of Avast will do a lot more for you. If Avast has detected the Trojan, I think you'll find it has made it safe but left you to delete the file. Generally if it can do this it's better than automatically deleting it just in case it's a "False positive" where a safe file has been falsely identified as infected. This sometimes happens with any antivirus and might result in deletion of an important file.

  Gongoozler 20:46 21 Dec 2004

Apologies for coming back yet again. If you have a virus coming back after a time, update your virus definitions, clear your temporary internet files and any other Temp folders. Turn off System Restore. Run a full antivirus scan. When all is clear re-enable System Restore and hopefully all will be clean. If you suspect Adware, Spyware etc, install AdAware click here and run that as well as the antivirus scan before re-enabling System Restore.

  Al94 20:49 21 Dec 2004

AVG from Grisoft has served me 100% for years. I nearly feel embarrassed having it for nothing!!!

  Jackcoms 21:01 21 Dec 2004

Having asked this question, you'll probably now get dozens of different recommendations and be even more confused!

However, what most members of these forums will agree is that you also need anti-malware programs as well to work alongside your AV program. The free ones most regularly recommended here are click here
click here
click here
click here

  JoeC 21:06 21 Dec 2004

some free, some you pay for.

click here

  dazgwinn 21:39 21 Dec 2004

Cheers guy's thanks for all your advice .I'm off doing what you recommend.Thanks Dazgwinn

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