Best Anti Virus/ Malware/ popup software.

  Nonagon 10:54 14 Jul 2018

Got a brand new laptop out of box. Lenovo W10.

The McAfee software is for trial period.

When this expires 69$ for year to keep.

Is this good value?

Are there cheaper, fee options.

  KEITH 1955 12:20 14 Jul 2018

I would dump the MacAfee asap.... I had it on a spare pc that I used as a test rig.

A guy at work gave me a bootleg copy of the companies cad software , I scanned all the software he gave me before I installed it , MacAfee did not find anything but because I am a belt and braces guy I scanned it with antimalware bytes and I am glad I did.

Antimalware found about 10 threats with about 6 segments in each threat. I googled what it found and the threats were keyloggers/spywear/pups. So I have to ask the question , why did the antivirus miss them all because some of them were dangerous items.

For about 10 years I used Norton 360 but 2 years ago I changed to Kaspersky and can recommend it 100% .

NOTE... if you use malware bytes free or premium and the software does detect something you must do repeat scans until it finds nothing , this is because some threats are made up of several segments and from past experience I found that not all discovered segments are deleted on first pass.

  wee eddie 13:21 14 Jul 2018

Free AVs - I have no opinion. I run Kaspersky which I pay for.

Freeware: -

CCleaner: for removing general crud and its Registry Editor.

Malwarebytes: remember to chose the Free version, it loads as the Trial Version and reverts to the Free Version after 2 weeks.

I also run SuperAntiSpyware and Spybot S&D, but these are belt and braces, Spybot clears a few bits and pieces that CCleaner leaves.

I run them, in this order on a Sunday afternoon, while a do other household chores.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:20 14 Jul 2018

I also run the paid for version of Kaspersky they now do a free version as well.

Backed up by free malwarebytes

and spywareblaster to block malicious sites.

ADWclaener free (also now owned by malwarebytes) is excellent at detecting browser add ons and popups.

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