Best Android App to locate the best wi fi channel

  julius44 10:12 15 Nov 2016

Hello and good morning to you all. I am looking for an android app that i can use to locate the best wi fi channel for my wireless router please. I currently have the virgin media router superhub 1. When i log into the router settings it says I am on channel 13, but the signal is a bit weak when I go into the bed. Everything is one one floor, as it is a flat. many thanks Jules

  Bazzaman 12:21 15 Nov 2016

Changing channel is really only helpful if a number of other nearby routers are using the same channel. I'm not sure that changing channels will help in your case as the issue is more probably to do with the location of the router vis-a-vis your bedroom.

In any event, I use inSSIDer (although I don't know that it is free anymore).

  killing3mark 20:41 15 Nov 2016

I recommend Wi-Fi analyzer and you can use Speedtest to check your Speed.

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