The Best All-In-One Printer?

  Embezzler 15:08 10 Apr 2003

What is the best all in one printer on the market for a home/home office user?

  AndySD 15:15 10 Apr 2003

It depends you want Fax and duplexing?

  Pesala 15:18 10 Apr 2003

I depends ? do you want colour?

  Pesala 15:19 10 Apr 2003

It depends ... do you want your keyboard to work properly?

  Pesala 15:22 10 Apr 2003

All-in-one may seem handy, but you may find you have to compromise on quality, running costs, or speed. I have separate laser and colour inkjet printers, and scanner. More expensive maybe, but no compromises. Everything is as good as I need or better.

  Embezzler 16:56 10 Apr 2003

I was looking at a Canon SmartBase MPC200 photo printer. I don't need fax but i do need to print in colour and i'm not sure what you meant by Keyboard?

Has anyone got an all in one printer? If so, what do you think of yours and what make and model is it?


  Pesala 17:59 10 Apr 2003

click here

No running costs mentioned, but print speed was quite quick.

A full page 300 dpi scan takes one minute. The Epson 1200 takes 45 seconds, (cost £89 inc) the Epson 1660 takes just 13 seconds (cost (£131 inc) and boasts 1200 x 2400 dpi 48-bit colour.

I am not trying to dissuade you from buying what you want ? just comparing what you could get with separate units for the same money.

Do look closely at the running costs. With inkjet devices, running costs soon outstrip purchase costs. One All-in-one printer = £200, ten cartridges = £???.??

The keyboard remark was supposed to be a joke about my typing error in the previous post.

  Embezzler 22:53 10 Apr 2003

Thanks for your help.

  snowy30 01:56 11 Apr 2003

I have a Lexmark X83 myself. The quality of the print at high resolution is amazing! 2400x1200 ppi (pixels per inch). I've copied some photos recently, by setting the quality to 'Photo' will bring out the best in your photographs. If you want the best you have to pay for it. This particular model was even recommended by PCA magazine

  DieSse 09:53 11 Apr 2003

Review here

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I've personally installed some HP PSC2210s and they're excellent.

  Gerrycan 12:08 11 Apr 2003

For the past 4 years I have had several all in ones from Hewlett packard and found them excellent
with one of the best printing quality printer resolution formats,I have at present the D145,The others i have sold on to friends include the R45/G55/My partner has the psc750 and also my friend has the same as DieSse (psc2210) the last time i was in comet stores they had the psc750 for less than £90.And to sum up not one complaint have i heard about these All-in-Ones,also there tech support is brilliant.
Best of luck.

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