Best All in one Computer i7

  Hetti 12:27 18 Mar 2018

I have a Dell Inspiron One PC 5/6 year old, looking to buy new PC and want another All in one best for my small area for PC , I would like i7 processor again so wanted to ask for opinions on best available for £1200 less (if possible) I did look on here for reviews but could only see old ones. Hope someone can give ideas/advice. Thanks

  Hetti 12:35 18 Mar 2018

Forgot to add I would prefer to stay away from Lenovo All in one i7 as hubby has that model and finds it slow. Unless someone has one and can say theirs is okay and maybe hubby got bad one.

  Forum Editor 12:48 18 Mar 2018

Moved to Tech Helproom from Consumer Rights Advice.

  Dan1379 15:55 18 Mar 2018

I would fully advise to avoid ALL consumer grade Lenovo products. They're quality and customer service in the consumer market is poor.

I fully recommend looking at using PC Specialist to create your all-in-one system. A custom system would allow you to spend money on the things you need and spend less on things you don't need. CLICK HERE for PC Specialists All-In-One page.

  Forum Editor 16:39 18 Mar 2018


"I would fully advise to avoid ALL consumer grade Lenovo products. They're quality and customer service in the consumer market is poor."

That is absolute nonsense. Lenovo laptops are consistently well reviewed, and the build quality of their machines is well-known. I have been using Lenovo machines for years - they are used all day, every day in my office and not one of them has ever put a foot wrong.

Lenovo was voted the Best Laptop brand of 2017 by one specialist laptop site. and a Lenovo machine came second in our review of the ten best laptops of 2018.

If you want to praise your favourite supplier, do it in a balanced way or don't do it at all. We're not here to mislead our forum users with sweeping and unjustifiable criticisms of a specific manufacturer's products.

  Dan1379 16:20 19 Mar 2018

My comments are based upon personal experience. I've had plenty of Lenovo consumer products and I stand by my previous comment. I 'personally' found them all unreliable and found the customer support poor. I'm not giving a review of a product, I'm stating an opinion which may be useful to the person who asked the original question.

  rickf 16:37 19 Mar 2018

I have a lenovo aio i5 and it has performed admirably from day one.No problems and very fast for the model. It is also very well built. I have upgraded Ram to 16 from 8 though.

  Forum Editor 16:38 19 Mar 2018


You are perfectly entitled to an opinion, but you didn't express one - you strongly advised people to avoid all consumer grade Lenovo products, saying that the quality of the products was poor. There was no qualifying statement, such as 'in my opinion'.

We're running a serious forum here, and we can't permit anyone to issue warnings such as yours when they are based on nothing more than a personal experience. Lenovo laptops have a very good reputation in the market, as I pointed out.

You are new to our forum, and perhaps you haven't read the rules that you agreed to abide by when you registered. Rule no. 9 says (in part):-

"Please do not encourage others to boycott a company that provided you with defective products or inefficient service. If you have a bad experience with a supplier state the facts, and by all means voice your complaint, but allow others to make up their own minds. We will routinely delete any threads or posts that contain comments such as “avoid this company like the plague”. Please do not make statements that you cannot substantiate, or state as fact something that is in reality your personal opinion."

  HondaMan 17:33 19 Mar 2018

Get an iMac with Parallels Desktop and you won't go far wrong!

  Hetti 21:29 20 Mar 2018

All suggestions being considered.........thanks

  john bunyan 22:31 20 Mar 2018


I have just ordered a Dell XPS 13 (9370) - 8th gen i7 -8550U : 16 gig RAM; 500gig SSD Hd. With mouse DVD external and adapter for USB- C , without MS Word or extended warranty (which I wanted) the price after haggling was about £1300. Did a lot of homework but it has very good reviews I did not want the touch screen, but like the white keyboard. Look at the Techadvisor review

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