Best 108mbps modem/router

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Hi, This is my first posting.
I have an SMC router/modem and pc card which fits into the side of my laptop. I have had a few problems with the SMC disconecting and now want to change to a 108mbps router/modem. I have 2 questions, which is the best router/modem to buy,the support must be taken into consideration. Can I use the smc pc card with another modem?


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You'd really want to buy something that didn't need support. Hard to recommend a best as it depends on each situation and in action they vary depending on the location. But the Belkin F5D8630uk sounds good.

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Surely it is only worth the extra expense and possible complexity of a boosted, Pre-N or MIMO system - all of which are non-standard at this time - if the 802.11g is not fast enough or will not work throughout your house.

Faster systems will not cure connection issues.

  [DELETED] 23:35 28 Feb 2006

Try re-positioning your router ~ you will be amazed how much difference that can make. The router and your laptop's wireless card are just small, low-powered radio transmitters and receivers.

If that is not possible/practical, consider buying external antenna to connect to your SMC router. Even high powered radio transmitters are set at the top of a tower on the highest hill.

I have just had tremendrous throughput with a Belkin pre-N (f5d8230) and Linksys MIMO PCI adapter (WMP54GX), not suprising as the latter has external antennae which resemble a mini radar station!

However I experimented with router positioning by checking reception with my laptop at key spots where PCs/laptop will be used first. Literally moving the router just 1 foot in different directions made a huge difference.

But I am looking for one router to cover the whole house as well as a large back garden.

If you are into video streaming or competitive gaming, you are probably better off with wired Ethernet connections, although most routers only go up to 100Mbps rather then the common 1Gbps capability on PCs now-a-days. Otherwise, as ade.h says, you can spend half the amount on standard 54Mbps G kit then 108Mbps where compatibility ties you to proprietary kit, with little choice (& charged accordingly).

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