Bent 3.5mm headphone plug m

  ILANG514 17:19 03 Jan 2018

I bent the 3.5mm plug male for my headset it now only works in a certain position any ideas on how to fix or bend back

  BT 17:24 03 Jan 2018

You can buy these very cheaply and its a fairly straight forward job to replace them with a small soldering iron.

  ILANG514 17:31 03 Jan 2018

Where can I find a guide on how to do this I have looked elsewhere and it seemed fairly complicated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 03 Jan 2018

straighten in a viceusing a bit of cloth as padding very gently, do not use pliers, rotate into different poistions until til you get it straight.

  qwbos 00:48 04 Jan 2018

And if you don't have a vice, there's drinking, gambling, women.........

But you could use plumbers pliers where the gripping faces are parallel. Wonderful tool that no household should be without.

  BT 08:52 04 Jan 2018

Where can I find a guide on how to do this

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